Business Activities
Quality is Everyone's Business

At Superior Fastening Technology our motto, “Quality is Everyone’s Business”, and we have embraced Total Quality Management to achieve excellence in manufacturing and service.

Both of our production facilities conform to the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2000 and the Shanghai plant has TS16949 certification for the manufacture of automotive parts.

Having adopted TQM as an organization, the attitude to quality pervades the entire corporate structure. This ensures that each employee is committed to comprehensive quality thinking and continuous improvement as we all strive together for the highest levels of quality throughout the business process.

Every step of the manufacturing process, from the receipt of raw materials right through to the delivery of the finished product, is monitored by our strict quality control procedures. This explains why rejection rates from our customers have consistently been at very low levels.

Our current quality technology used in the manufacturing stage of the process includes optical sorting machines, which automatically sort fasteners to ensure that they conform to technical specifications, X-ray machines that check measurement and micrometers and stereomicroscopes which are used in the visual checking process.

We are constantly appraising news technologies to ensure that our quality standards are compatible, and where possible exceed, the expectations of our global customer base.